19-IMG_3342For me, not only writing but also teaching is a creative practice.  In my writing classrooms students read compelling work from a wide range of writers—a variety of voices who have developed from diverse communities and employ contradictory writing techniques. We practice strategies for accessing the material that matters most and crafting and shaping that material to achieve a desired effect. My writing classes are vibrant and eclectic, and my students grow as writers and members of a writing community.

City College of San Francisco has an open admissions policy; I’m part of an effort to offer high quality education to the public at large. I serve as chair of the Women’s and Gender Studies department. Classes are free to San Francisco residents. Register online for my class:

Spring 2020

  • Women’s and Gender Studies English 1A: University-Parallel Reading and Composition. Course theme: Words, Power, and Social Change.
  • Interdisciplinary Studies 300: Social Justice Work Experience

Fall 2020

  • On sabbatical
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